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Sectional View of O17RST Engineering is a small, family run business located in Grass Valley, CA. We are the direct descendent of Radio Systems Technology and support the old Radio Systems products that we have documentation for. Jim Weir founded the company in 1973, and after a hiatus when the company was under different ownership, Jim returned a few years ago as the chief RST engineer and bottle-washer.

RST Engineering is both a manufacturer and a mail order direct seller via this Web site.

More About RST

Do you remember the old days, before the Internet when many mail order houses had the "allow 4 to 6 weeks" disclaimer on the order form? The Internet has changed all that. Today folks expect immediate shipping and there is no way of telling (though you can make a guess from the design of the Web site) who are the big players with whole shipping departments and conveyor belts running full tilt 24/7, and who are the folks with 3 feet of counter space, brown paper, string and sealing wax.

With that lead in, it probably won't surprise you that we fit into the latter category here. You see, we would rather lose sales by being honest about who we are and what are able to do than to have folks expect things that we can't do. Our usual order processing time is one to two weeks. If it will be longer than that we will try to contact you with that information.

As folks have become used to "instant" shipping via the Internet, we have to admit that we are a small, family run, specialty shop and most of the work here is still done by hand by a very few people. We want you to know this before you place your order.

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