Note:  The spreadsheets on this page were done in Excel 5.0 / 95.  If you need a viewer for Excel try the Microsoft Assistance Center.  The Instrument Hole Cutout Dimensions require Acrobat Reader.

Wire Table: This wire table spreadsheet was derived from a lot of sources.

RF Waves: This rf wave table will calculate signal strengths and path losses for RF signals.

Sine Wave Oscillator: A couple of op-amps and a handful of other parts gives you a low distortion sine wave oscillator.

Complex Impedances: Working with complex impedances is sometimes difficult.  This spreadsheet should help.

Ohms Law: A fairly simple  Ohm's Law calculator.

Making Inductors and Capacitors: Roll your own  L & C using these tables.

Machine Screw Table: This machine screw table will take you from size 0 through 1/4" diameter.

Standard Atmosphere: The United States standard atmosphere for pressure, temperature, and Mach.

Instrument Hole Cutout Dimensions: Standard dimensioning for 2.25" Instrument hole, 3.125" Instrument hole, and Adapter Plate to mount a 2.25" instrument in a 3.125" hole

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