Repair Service

When Your Kit Arrives

Thank you for purchasing an RST kit. We hope that you enjoy many long years of trouble-free operation of your RST product. No matter how well we design our kits, the quality of the completed RST unit depends on your careful and thoughtful craftsmanship.

  1. It is very important to carefully read both the construction and the operating manuals before you start.
  2. It is equally important to use a proper soldering iron at a temperature of no more than 700F. If the assembly instructions are unclear to you, please e-mail us anytime. We will help and we will use your feedback to improve future manuals.
  3. Inspect your kit as soon as it arrives, before you begin assembly. Our parts are assembled into kits by hand. We make every effort to send first rate kits, but there are humans involved and mistakes can occur. Contact us if a component is defective, missing, or of the incorrect value. If there is an extra small part in a kit, throw it in your spare parts bin as our gift.

Notice (effective for units shipped to us after January 12, 2006):

Units sent to RST Engineering for Check-out or Repair without payment arranged for in advance via e-mail or phone, will be put on a shelf without being looked at. The minimum cost at this time for looking at any unit for any reason and return shipping is $27, or the appropriate Check-out fee and $7 return shipping to US addresses .  If your unit requires more work, there may be additional charges payable before we ship your unit back to you.

If you send us your unit without contacting us first, it will be looked at only after you contact us via e-mail or phone during normal business hours to arrange for payment.  It is not our job to track you down for payment in order to repair and return your unit to you. A note in the box telling us to look at your unit, and for us to "let you know", is not adequate.

We accept payment via Paypal and check or money order in the US.  No money orders or checks will be accepted for units shipped to or received from outside of the US.  Non-US repair customers must pay via our Paypal invoice (initial estimate and any additional charges including international shipping) before we ship your unit back to you.

When your unit is done it will be returned in the packing materials and box you shipped it in.  A surcharge will be added to our normal $7 shipping charge if you used a box and packing that we believe, solely at our discretion, is larger and heavier than need be. That surcharge will not exceed our total shipping costs.  If we must repack your unit due to your using inadequate packing materials, there will be an additional $5 handling charge unless we determine that that it was the carrier who damaged your otherwise adequate box.  In any case, RST Engineering will not be held responsible for damage to your unit due to your use of inadequate packing materials.  We reserve the right not to return any unit for which we have not received full return shipping payment according to the terms set forth in this paragraph whether we have looked at it or not.

For additional information and pricing, fully read the following:

Before You Send Your Kit to RST for Check-out or Repair

RST kits are designed to be owner built and checked. For those who lack the required test equipment, we provide a check-out service for audio panels and marker receivers. Unfortunately, every now and again a poorly constructed unit is sent to us for check-out. Check-out service is not repair service. Examples of things that are not covered under check-out are:

  1. poorly installed connectors or pins
  2. components installed backwards or in the wrong places
  3. burnt or missing traces
  4. components that were never soldered
  5. missing or unsoldered grounds or wires
  6. components not supplied by RST (yes, we can tell)
  7. other similar poor construction
  8. modifications other than those documented in the RST manuals supplied with your kit

RST Engineering reserves the right not to check out any RST unit that is poorly or partially constructed. We reserve the right not to repair any RST unit that is owner modified or is constructed so that the repair involves, in our opinion, a whole or partial rebuilding of the kit.

However, if we determine that the problem is a defect in one of our components, we will make the repair or replacement under the terms of our warranty as presented in the manuals supplied with your kit.

OK, you've decided to send in your unit for a check to specifications. As we stated above, check-out is NOT a fixit service or a rebuilding service. We expect that you've checked your work and found it to be satisfactory.

Now give your completed uncovered unit to somebody that knows electronics but had nothing to do with building your unit. Ask them to check the following things:

  1. Look at the SOLDERED side of the board with a good magnifying glass to pick up any unsoldered or cold solder joints. Hey, even our engineers blow it once in a while putting together the prototypes at the RST factory. We all make mistakes from time to time.
  2. Make a copy of the pc board parts layout diagram. With a RED marking pen, go over each diode cathode on the layout diagram and then look at the corresponding diode on the board.
  3. With a GREEN pen, go over each transistor of a given type, and then check that transistor on the PC board.
  4. With a BLUE (then yellow, then orange...) pen, check the next transistor type. Then the next. And so on.
  5. With another color, mark the (-) MINUS end of each electrolytic capacitor and then check the installation on the board.
  6. Inspect the connectors -- BLACK plugs have all FEMALE pins; RED receptacles have all MALE pins. Check the schematic to make sure you have the PLUGS and RECEPTACLES in the right spot.

Now that all of that is done, put the cover on with at MOST with two screws, pack it carefully, and send it to:

RST Engineering
13993 Downwind Court
Grass Valley, CA 95945

If you have questions, please contact us before assembling your kit and/or before sending it back for repair or check-out. Many times an e-mail to us with your questions can save everyone hours of frustration as well as unnecessary expense.

Please, just use plain old ground delivery service -- you are wasting your money to send it overnight or premium routing. We don't have a "premium fast" service, but process repairs in strict order of receipt.

Our Labor Rates

  • Evaluation report charge, per unit, $20 (no repair or check-out completed)
  • Repair labor, $50 per hour
  • Check-out labor, per marker receiver, $29 (+ if needed, repair labor $50/hr)
  • Check-out labor, per audio panel, $39 (+ if needed, repair labor $50/hr)
  • Check-out labor, per audio panel and marker receiver sent together, $59 (+ if needed, repair labor $50/hr)

When a repair and or check-out can not be accomplished due to irreparable damage, incomplete construction, and/or builder modifications, an evaluation report outlining the major problems found will be issued. There is a return shipping and handling charge for non-warranty work. There will be a charge for any non-warranty replacement parts. These prices are subject to change without notice.

The information on this Web page supersedes any information or policy about RST Engineering Repair Service published anywhere in the past.

Updated August 21, 2006

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